Dee Kosh Pled Guilty; Ordered to Undergo Psychiatric Exam |

Dee Kosh

You may have watched Dee Kosh’s emotional 10-minute Youtube video that he released on Wednesday (Jan 26) in which he addressed his side of the story about harassing teenage boys, aged 15 to 17, with damning Instastories from the alleged victims. In the video, the YouTuber teared up while thanking his loved ones and fans for standing by him, and tried to crack a joke: “Looks like I can film Food King Changi Prison edition. Oh wait, no more Food King already”.

“I am not a paedophile, I never have been, nor will I ever be,” the former radio DJ said. Kosh claimed that he underwent a psychological assessment which revealed that he did not “fulfil the diagnostic criteria” for paedophilia.

The video has since been made unavailable.

On May 20, Kosh admitted to sexual offences involving two underaged teenage boys, and for making an obscene film without the consent from the victim. He was ordered to undergo psychiatric examination at IMH to assess whether he has a paedophilic disorder and if he’s at risk of reoffending.

Here’s a refresher of Dee Kosh’s case…

Dee Kosh (aka Darryl Ian Koshy), was handed seven charges in August last year. He’s said to have asked a then-15-year-old male (A1 in the court documents) to perform sexual acts on him in exchange for money in 2018. He also propositioned another victim (A2, who was under 18 at the time) for sex in 2017 with cash.

His third victim, A3, was 23-25 years old back in 2016. Kosh and A3 engaged in sexual acts, both paid and unpaid, and on one occasion Kosh had illicitly filmed the act without the victim’s knowledge or consent.

When Kosh was arrested on Oct 5, 2020, he was found to have stored 25 obscene videos spread across his phone and computer. On Aug 17, he had addressed several allegations made against him, saying: “In hindsight, I see what was wrong and I take full responsibility for my actions, and I am sorry,” he wrote. 

The fact that Dee Kosh released a video while his trial was in progress reminds us of what Titus Low (of OnlyFans fame) did not long before. While both cases are different – Dee is pedophilic in nature, while Titus’ is more to do with breaking digital law – the fact that these videos were released before their trials could impact public perception.

Who knows if it’ll affect their sentencing? Usually when people get sentenced, they need to show remorse, and the genuine desire to change. Only time will tell if these tactics work.