Design Students, Play These Games to Polish Your Skills

As a design student, you’ll need to know some skills – skills like colour matching, typography, and of course, some Pen tool skills. If you’re still struggling with it at school, you may want to brush up your skills with Method of Action, a series of fun, educational mini-games for all you designers out there.

There are 4 games within the site:

The Bezier Game challenges you to learn how to master Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator’s infamous pen tool. Practise how to plot Bezier curves, forecasting parabolic anchor points with your mind to land the perfect curve of a vector heart or piece of typography.

Color is a simple colour-matching game where you have to plot (on a colour wheel) the matching colours in a wheel. You’ll get to practise hues, saturation, complementary, analogus, triadic and tetradic colours.

Kerntype lets you plot the ideal distance between letters – aka kerning. Your solution will be compared to a typographer’s solution, and you will be given a score depending on how close you nailed it.

Shape Type is for typographers who want to practise their skills in type – specifically how well you know a certain type. Tweak a number of bezel points to match the typefaces (ie. Trajan) and check how close you got to the original.