Edible shoes for Valentine’s? Only in Japan.

In case you’re wondering what chocolatey goodness is available in Japan on Valentine’s Day, you won’t be disappointed. Forget the usual high-end chain-store choc brands – head to Osaka’s Rihga Royal Hotel for a real treat: CHOCOLATE (read: edible) SHOES!

That’s right – these stunning goodies look like real shoes (talk about confusion of the senses!) and even come in 3 different shades. In Japan, they’re referred to as “sokkuri sweets” (“sokkuri” or そっくり meaning “looks like”), which are desserts and confectioneries that look like other things. Just to confuse the hell out of you.

According to With News, these delicious kicks are size 26cm (US size 10), but don’t try to put them on. Even if they come with a shoe horn and shoe cream (both are also made from, you guessed it, chocolate). Imagine eating shoe-cream-looking chocolate. Hmmm.

It’s confusing enough trying to eat the shoes, as this guy shows:

These sokkuri are made by the hotel’s chocolatier Motohiro Okai, who’s only made 9 pairs of these goodies. They’re priced at 29,160 yen – yep, you can get real shoes for that price. But if you’re hoping to snag a pair, Livedoor News reports that they’re already sold out.

Meanwhile, we leave you with more crazy food trickery: