Fast Food Nation: Healthy Meals

When we think of fast food, restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King come to mind – and the last thing they are associated with is nutrition. However, as we move towards a more health-conscious nation, the fast food scene in Singapore is being re-defined. These quick service eateries emphasise speed and offer balanced meals at unsurprisingly, premium prices.

Let’s take a look at what some of these fast food places are about.

Healthy DIY Bowls

There is currently an ongoing obsession with DIY ‘bowls’ that tend to consist of a carb (brown or white rice, wheat or soba noodle, salad) with healthy protein/topping options (raw fish, steamed meat, roasted vegetables) and the flavourings are usually stamped with a less fat or even fat-free label. The variety of these bowls are endless – from Asian inspirations such as Japanese salad and bibimbap bowls to Western flavours comprising of grains, pasta and steamed vegetables.


Price: $7.90 – $13.90
Dosirak serves MSG-free and low-calorie Korean rice bowls.


Price: $12 – $18
Loloku is a poké bar and deli with combinations suited to the Singaporean taste.

Tokyo Chopped Salad

Price: $11.90 – $16.80
Tokyo Chopped Salad features Japanese ingredients, and your greens are chopped up into bite sizes.

Grain Traders

Price: $16 – $18
Grain Traders offers both healthy signature and build-your-own-bowls at nett prices.


Price: $9.90 – $15.90
YOLO Food has signature and DIY bowls, as well as special menus for low calorie, low-GI, protein-filled and vitamin-packed meals.

Vegetarian Options

Another type of fast food has been gaining traction as well – meat-free meals. Vegetarian diets have long been identified as a healthier lifestyle and though it is not always true, it is undeniably a more ethical option. Consumers are also becoming more conscious of the environmental effects of animal farming, hence opting for plant-based options. These include vegan options that do not contain eggs or dairy products.


Price: $7.50 – $11.90
Greendot serves affordable and healthy meatless Asian meals, with their most popular option being DIY bento sets.


Price: $7.90 – $9.90
A popular burger joint, even among the omnivores, Veganburg is the pioneer of meatless burgers which are also egg- and dairy-free.


Price: $6.50 – $14.90
Nomvnom serves burgers in addition to other fast-food staples like fries – all vegan (no egg or dairy).

So there you have it – fast food need not be unhealthy nor does healthy food mean bland.

By Violet Koh