Fast Food Nation: McDonald’s



This all-time fast food favourite is definitely not what you’d call a ‘healthy dining option’ with its standard offering of deep-fried foods, sugar-laden drinks and processed meats. Then again, the food giant has been trying to revamp its image – from rolling out healthier meals to engaging research into the nutritional values of its menu.

Ever since reinventing itself by offering healthy options like salads, McDonald’s has had its fair share of food scandals (remember the worms in Jasper Lee’s Big Breakfast?) which may have contributed to its meltdown last year. Of course, many folks are concerned over the source of the meats – McD’s has since declared that their meat comes not from China (where the scandal broke), but from Malaysia, Australia, and even as far away in Brazil (where it’s processed, frozen and then shipped over).

Meanwhile in Japan, the McD’s has been mired with scandals last year, involving expired food and non-biological contaminants. As their sales dropped and outlets closed, the food giant tried to diversify its offerings – most bizarrely, french fries with chocolate sauce.

In case you were wondering about that creepy Japanese McDonald’s ad at the end, here are some of the other ads in that series – they all feature Ronald as a creepy stalker. Are you lovin’ it?