Fun with Food and Local Sites on NTUC Fairprice’s FB Page |

NTUC Fairprice

It’s not often that we get to see an ad campaign that goes viral – and sometimes they do so for all the wrong reasons (remember the one about buff bros cleaning homes?). However, sometimes our sunny island manage to make us smile with some clever campaigns. Move over Ikea, the spotlight now turns to the team at NTUC Fairprice!

On September 23, their Facebook campaign, called #EverywhereAlsoSeeFood, is a clever pun that pairs everyday food items with place names across Singapore. Here are some of our favourites:

“White a Grape place to hang out.”
“Luncheon by the beach.”

The NTUC Fairprice Facebook team also outdid themselves with challenges posed by their followers. Here are some examples of more brands being repurposed:

“Shoutout to the our motherland” was even quoted

They even go one step further by incorporating our local produce:

It’s certainly a refreshing campaign – and followers are reacting to the post by posting some of their own versions. With 600 comments and counting, kudos to the team behind this simple yet fun game! They even added some cheek to their replies:

Check out their Facebook post here:

Apples and iPhone 13

This wasn’t the first time the supermarket has gone viral for having fun with their followers. On September 17, they played on the release of the highly-anticipated Apple iPhone 13 by releasing an image of the New Zealand Pacific Rose Apple – 13s (large):

This was followed up with a post the following day: “If you thought we were kidding yesterday…#NotiPhone13”.