Games that actually calm you down

You may know video games as something more violent or team-oriented, or basically something that gets your heart rate pumping. Well, if too much of life – or hardcore games – are stressing you out, check out some of these calming video games. Most of them aren’t for winning or losing – they are simply there for you to explore, interact, go zen…

Whether you’re into pets or plants, you can try these games which take away the stress of a dying Tamagotchi or a real pet.

Viridi (Android/iOS): Take care of a potted succulent.

Neko Atsume (Android/iOS): Be a virtual cat lady.

ISLANDS: Non-Places
(PC/Mac/iOS): Explore ten scenes inspired by the everyday and let your expectations of reality be transformed.

Mountain (PC/Linux/Mac/Android/iOS): Be a mountain, which is just as non-action-packed as it sounds.

There you have it. Just four mindless ‘games’ where you can choose to nurture, or just ‘be’. Have fun!