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If you love to travel, then being part of the hospitality industry is a no-brainer. A common draw of working in the hospitality industry is being part of an international, multicultural team with an opportunity to be stationed anywhere in the world, you’ll also get to learn valuable life lessons, like the importance of teamwork and customer service – both of which teach tolerance and respect, making you a more well-rounded individual.

While now may seem like a strange time to consider a career in hospitality, as we explained previously, the hospitality industry takes an average of just 1.5 years to bounce back fully from a recession; for example, tourism inevitably bounces back stronger because of pent-up travel demand in consumers.

Beyond that, the good news is that being here in Singapore already gives you a head start in pursuing a hospitality career. Singapore is a global hub where the world comes together to do everything from tourism to events, meetings, and more. Those with the right skills can easily tap into this vibrant market – all you need is an education that is just as international, and an education in hospitality management is just the ticket.

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Hospitality: a truly international education

If you’re interested in getting into the dynamic global hospitality industry, you’ll need a firm footing with a solid education in hospitality management. 

Dating back 127 years, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is one of the world’s most established hospitality schools, and regularly recognised as having the world’s best hospitality management programme (ranked #1 in the world by QS, #1 by TNS Sofres, and #1 Hospitality & Leisure Management University for employability). EHL graduates are known to be masters of client experience, trained with the right mix of practical and real-life learning with academic excellence.

Part of EHL’s success lies in the fact that it has a truly diverse environment – with 115 nationalities on campus, 84% speak at least 3 languages. This multicultural environment is part of a Swiss education culture that strives to maintain a healthy cultural mix in their student population as well as teaching staff, to prepare students for one of the world’s most globalised industries. In addition, dynamic international exchanges between Lausanne, Passugg, and Singapore add even more value to the student experience.

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The education at EHL is rounded out by extensive international exposure via a well-structured internship programme where students get placed at leading companies around the world and experience multiple cultures. The benefits of interning abroad are plenty: learning a foreign language, establishing a global network, and developing self reliance. Not to mention internships like these help you develop your own global perspective which is key in a worldwide industry that requires an international perspective in order to succeed.

While it’s headquartered in Switzerland, EHL also has a brand-new campus in Singapore – this means you’ll be able to obtain one degree in two continents! EHL students will get to experience top tier education with a truly international learning experience spread across its 3 campuses – 2 in Switzerland at Lausanne and Passugg, and 1 in Singapore – during their 4-year degree.

How to take advantage of the one degree, two continents approach

Widely acknowledged as one of the world’s top hotel schools, EHL established its first campus outside of Switzerland in Singapore, which is selected as a preferred location thanks to its stringent educational quality standards, quality of life, stability, attractiveness to students, and values among other criteria. With this campus, EHL can tap into the expertise of local industry experts in Asia Pacific, as it is the fastest-growing market for hospitality which continually shows a strong need for talent.  

EHL campus in Lausanne (left) & Singapore (right)

EHL’s 4-year Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management offers a balanced curriculum that combines industry immersion with management theory and applied business projects. There are two pathways to obtaining this degree: academic and professional, both offering different learning experiences but delivering the same recognised degree.

For the academic pathway, the programme is split between EHL’s campuses in Switzerland and its new campus in Singapore, enriching students with a well-rounded academic curriculum and multinational hands-on experience. For students based in the Singapore Campus, students take their first semester in Lausanne before finishing their remaining 3 years in Singapore, bouncing worldwide on internships for two semesters in between. For students based in the Lausanne Campus, they take all 4 years in Lausanne and have the chance to do an exchange in Passugg or Singapore. This pathway is ideal for those who seek the best of a dynamic university environment with group assignments and internships.

Alternatively, the professional pathway suits those seeking a deeper physical immersion and are passionate about culinary arts, communication, and hotel management. Students will mainly be based at the hotel-resort setting at Passugg, before finishing their final semester at the Lausanne campus.

EHL at Passugg

How to apply

If you’re interested in seeing the amazing places that your hospitality skills can take you, do check out more info on EHL here. Imagine the opportunities that are available with a truly international education in hospitality management.