Get your home workouts with help from these fitness infuencers |

From left: Chloe Ting, Jeremy Sry, Natalie Dau, Jeremy Yeoh

This circuit breaker has certainly gotten everybody thinking about health and fitness. More people are cooking healthy meals at home, and for some reason, everyone is out at parks and along rivers for their evening exercise. Even if they haven’t exercised at all prior to the circuit breaker.

If you’re thinking of working out at home away from the crowds, check out some of these free workouts courtesy of some good-looking fit folks! Here are some exercise tips and tutorials you can follow at home:

Jordan Yeoh

Jordan is a Malaysian fitness Youtuber with a long list of workouts to help you tone and bulk up those muscles, whether they’re abs, chest, or arms. They’re easy to follow, but not exactly for noobs. Follow at your own risk!

Chloe Ting

Chloe is a super popular fitness Youtuber (she also has a masters in financial marketing) famous for her ab workouts. Here’s one of her weight-loss workouts you can do in 2 weeks – just in time for the end of the circuit breaker!

Louis Sue

Unlike most other guys on this list, Louis is a pole dancing instructor. To be a good pole dancer, you’ll need muscles in places you never imagine – you can watch him in action on his Instagram page. Here’s a sample of his workout tips for noobs:

Natalie Dau

A fitness ambassador and creator of Rockstar Fit App, she’s also an accomplished athlete. Her “Keeping It Real” Facebook page has a series of workout to do at home:

Jeremy Sry

Actor and fitness coach Jeremy has an IG page full of workout tutorials you can do to get into shape. Be warned: they’re definitely not for noobs:

Singapore Dance Theatre

Get fitness tips from some of Singapore Dance Theatre’s dancers! They’ve got a series of workouts based on themes: StretchItSunday, TechniqueTuesday, and FitnessFriday. Check out their IG page for workouts dished out by their talented dancers!

Nicholas Joel Leong

Nicholas is a performer at USS, and during this downtime, he’s taken to giving fitness tutorials on his IG. Check out his HIIT workouts, ab workouts, and fat burner workouts. Again, they’re not for noobs:

Get ActivTV

For a variety of workouts ranging from dance to yoga and HIIT presented by a variety of instructors, check out GetActivTV’s Facebook page for free tutorials. They also have Live sessions, and their workouts are catered to any fitness level.

All these workouts show that even though you’re stuck at home, there’s no need to be lazy. Keep fit, stay off the crowded PCNs and work those muscles – your body will be ready for the world once the circuit breaker’s over!