Hong Kong Shop Cats

Hong Kong’s seemingly old shops aren’t only about long-forgotten trades – photographer Marcel Heijnen has compiled a collection of photos, mainly shot in Sai Ying Pun where he resides, that give us an insight into a world where furry felines are part and parcel of a Hong Kong shopkeeper’s life.


Heijnen’s collection features cats and owners…


… And cats that blend into their retail environments…


1111What fascinated Marcel was the symbiotic relationship that the owners have with their feline companions – the cats were originally brought in to deter mice, since many of these shops dealt with grains and dried foods that attracted rodents. Today, these cats are loved as pets, but don’t be fooled by their chubby appearance – they are still agile enough to scale high ceilings.


If you’d like to see more of Heijnen’s work with felines, check out his book ‘Hong Kong Shop Cats‘, available via Asia One Books. There will also be an exhibition of his works at Artistry Cafe, a gallery-cafe located in Kampong Glam, this April.

He’s also got an Instagram page (@chinesewhiskers) where he posts his cat – and more recently, dogs – photos.