How to Enjoy Limited Edition Yakult and Calpis Frozen Treats |

Calpis Yakult

What’s not to like about ice cream? With an infinite option for flavours and combos, the world of ice cream is mind boggling indeed. Head to Japan, and you’ll be able to find some uniquely Japanese flavours that are only available for a limited time.

Yakult Ice Cream

Your favourite childhood probiotic drink, Yakult has collaborated with Imada Kitchen for a pop-up store in Shibuya 109 in Tokyo. The refreshing line of desserts are more than just sweet desserts – they contain live cultures of lactic acid bacteria (Shirota strain) that made Yakult famous.

You can have Yakult as an ice cream, sherbet, soft-serve ice cream, and shake, each one topped with a wafer shaped like a cute Yakult bottle! For even more indulgence, there’s also the Yakult parfait which is available in two flavours: berry and caramel.

Sadly, the pop-up store in Shibuya is only around until August 1st, and there’s no indication of a travel bubble with Japan anytime soon. While we won’t be able to get our hands on the actual collab goodies, you can actually get Yakult ice cream in Singapore.

Merely Ice Cream has the Grape Yakult Yogurt which is made with grape Yakult and Greek yogurt, while Lickers has their Yakult Oreo which contains cookie crumbs.

Calpis Frappe

Calpis Frappe

If you’re a Starbucks fan, you’ll recognise the frappé as a Frappuccino – an iced beverage that’s been shaken, blended or beaten to produce a tasty, foamy, and refreshing drink. FamilyMart – one of Japan’s biggest chains of convenience stores – has just released a new frappe flavour featuring Japan’s favourite milky soft drink: Calpis. This cultured milk drink is now available as a summer drink, and is sometimes sold as ‘Calpico’.

To enjoy the Calpis Frappe, you simply grab one from the freezer and pop it into the coffee and frappe machine at the front of the store. Hit the frappe button, and milk will be added to the mixture, creating a much creamier version of the original drink – but with a slushie-like consistency.

Since we don’t have FamilyMart in Singapore, we can’t have the original Calpis Frappe. But we do have close versions: the Calpis Ice Bar which you can find in the freezer section of supermarkets like Cold Storage, as well as the Coolish x CALPIS which is basically a slushie served in a pouch.