Hunky hawkers of Singapore |

It’s not every day that you see a hawker who’s young – but rarer still is a young hawker who makes you do a double take because they’re hotter than the meals they serve.

Here are three young hawkers who have made headlines for being hunky:

Carrot cakes and abs

Image via Men’s Health

You may have heard of carrot cake vendor Walter Tay, who’s made headlines earlier for being named the ‘hunky hawker’, thanks to his striking bodybuilder physique and suave looks. But underneath that facade lies an interesting and slightly dark story.

Walter joined Singapore Airlines as a cabin crew at age 21, but quit a few years later to join a multi-level-marketing company which turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. His other ventures – importing Korean cosmetics and organising fitness competitions – weren’t going well either.

It wasn’t until he started running the stall – called ‘Father and Son’ – that he started to be able to pay off his debts. Today, the 31-year old, who runs the stall with his father at Kampung Admiralty, sees his popularity within the fitness community and as a young hawker an inspiration to others.

Healthy bowl boys

Edmund Goh of Wafuken

If you make your way to Asia Square Tower 2, look out for Wafuken, a stall that sells healthy Japanese rice bowls. It’s run by Edmund Goh and his buddy Jake Pang – both avid gym-goers who dabble in sports such as boxing, mixed martial arts and calisthenics work-outs (Edmund has a brown belt in taekwondo).

Unfortunately for those looking for the boys, both he and Jake spend most of their 15-hour work days in the kitchen. At 1.75m tall, Edmund once worked at Singapore Airlines as a cabin crew for two years, and is a culinary arts graduate from Shatec Institute.

Oodles of noodles

If you’re in Toa Payoh, you may have noticed the buzz about a new fishball noodle stall called Li Na, which also serves bak chor mee. What’s interesting about this stall is that it went viral thanks to a video showing Javeen – who’s young and obviously looks like he hits the gym – hard at work preparing noodles.

Some have taken to nicknaming him the ‘hot hot mee boy’, and there’s even a hashtag #TheIndianFishballMeeExperience that’s trending on FB.