Important skills to learn for the future of work |

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We all know that tech is taking over the future world, and any skill related to that will be where the jobs are. But when we look at jobs, we shouldn’t really look at job titles – we should look at the skills. Why? Because skills are the action that guides you toward understanding your true value. You can identify where you’re strong and where you need to improve.

In the future of work, freelancing and the gig economy are increasingly commonplace, and your skills – rather than job titles which do get nebulous – are what will set you apart from the others.

According to a 2018 report from the World Economic Forum we should look at the skills of the future.

In-demand skills like “active learning” and “technology design” make sense for a world where the rate of technological advancement will only accelerate, as more and more skills surrounding routine and repetition are automated.

Here is the summary of WEF’s full list of 2022 skills that you may need to develop in order to stay relevant in the future.

In short, there will be more demand for people with skills that involve critical thinking, analysis, and emotional intelligence; people with complex problem-solving skills. These skills are necessary to innovate new technologies and implement them. Meanwhile, skills in decline include those who are merely using technology, including management and maintenance.