[Interview] Charlie Puth

by Dishi Gautam

Worldwide sensation, Charlie Puth made his “Nine Track Mind” stop in Singapore, performing at the Colosseum on the 10th of August. The jet lagged 24-year old singer attended to a packed room of journalists on the morning of his concert, admitting that he would love to kick start the day with a cup of kopi o kosong.

When asked on how his perception of the industry changed after becoming a part of it, he said that he loved that the record labels actively involved in making music with him.

In high school, Charlie charged money to compose theme songs for other YouTube channels. “That’s how I organically grew my network. I wouldn’t even charge any money if they’re big enough. Just give me a shout out at the end of your video.”, he says, remembering that he would treat his friends to McDonalds’ spread for dinner after getting a gig.

On what it feels like to reach this stage from an online platform, he says that doesn’t think he has changed his ways since. “I try to make the world stage feel like a platform. I love making music in my bedroom. I made this whole album in my bedroom and I wish I could perform in my bedroom too”.

So what’s his happy place? What’s his inspiration? “I actually have to activate the happy place. If I’m uncomfortable at all, I won’t write a good song. In my hotel room here, I made a track just last night.” Adding that he loves talking to people and listening their stories for hints. “I almost always eavesdrop on people”, he adds jokingly.

Though he studied jazz and classical piano at Berkley, Puth grew up listening to pop and that’s what made him dive into pop music. Charlie opened for his model Billy Joel in Pittsburgh earlier this year and was thrilled to receive a standing ovation from his audience. Apart from Billy, Puth would love to collaborate with the artists of the 70s and tried to bring that feel to his music.

Back on the topic of his debut album, the singer was asked the story behind the title. “I already had a bit of anxiety (after See You Again) and it would get out of control. I said to myself, “I have so many things on my mind, I definitely have more than nine things on my mind,” and I was like, “Nine, mind. Rhymes! Nine Track Mind. Done!”