Japanese signboards totally lost in translation | campus.sg

If you’ve been to Japan, you’ll notice signboards everywhere. While most are in Japanese, you’ll also be able to find some translated into English. Even so, you’ll probably be confused by some of their ‘Engrish’ translations, as some of these signboards prove.

Wild monkey 1; human 0

We get the gist of this warning – don’t feed or fight with the monkey. What we don’t get is why they would even bother saying that you wouldn’t win? Have they tried?

It’s the ‘best ass’ after all

So is this ‘donkey’ meat, or just some random buttock cheek? Either way, we know there’s barbecued pork!

Cannibalism at the buffet table

Even if you’re hungry, try not to order the buffet – otherwise you may risk getting eaten.

Pervert alert

For the safety of other guests, only the staff may be touched. Although we have no idea why people would need to be told not to touch anyone in the first place. Unless you’re a pervert, which brings us to this sign:

First, you have to find one

Why should we warn a pervert? Are they about to get arrested? If so, why should we warn them?

Is the female toilet extraordinary because it repels perverts?

Now this signboard would probably make everyone curious. Just why is the toilet extraordinary?

“Let’s protect everyone’s ass” is actually good advice

Their intentions are pure – don’t steal toilet paper because other people need to protect their asses too.

On the topic of asses – Japan seems to love asses, don’t they? – we have no idea why you’d want to slip yours in there. This is apparently the entrance to a child’s slide…

And finally…

A friendly message that dogs are forever…

Article originally appear in Gaijinpot.