Japan’s latest dessert must-try: Parfait ice cream bars | campus.sg

Japan is big on limited-time, seasonal dessert flavours, and parfaits are super popular, especially during the summertime when it’s warmer. Unlike in Singapore, you can find parfaits at many restaurants and dessert shops, all tempting you with their colourful and often elaborate toppings.

The most popular parfaits are usually associated with matcha merchants. Kyoto’s Itohkyuemon, which is over a century old, has launched a new range of desserts this year, and they’ve definitely outdone themselves with the release of their matcha ice cream bars!

Their lineup features ice-cream-on-a-stick versions of their actual parfaits. Not only are these things convenient to eat on the go, they’re way too gorgeous to eat.

The standard Uji Matcha Parfait Bar is topped with matcha nama chocolate, tsubu an (sweet red bean paste), and a shiratama mochi dumpling.

The other bars are inspired by parfaits that are otherwise seasonally limited desserts, like the Sakura Matcha Parfait Bar with sakura cream, pink shiratama, and even a salted shiotzuke (edible cherry blossom).

There’s also the Strawberry Matcha Parfait Bar which has bits of strawberry, plus strawberry sauce and meringue, topped with raspberry and blueberry.

All flavours are currently available at Itohkyuemon’s main branch in Uji City, Kyoto. No word yet on whether it’ll be available here. But if you’re headed to Kyoto, you may want to pop in for a bite!