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Many of the most popular K-drama titles currently (and in the last year) are actually adapted from Korean webtoons. The most popular title these days is True Beauty, which is a romantic comedy about high school girl Ju Gyeong, who rises to pretty girl fame after she masters the art of make-up, and the only one who knows her true face is the attractive Su Ho.

In addition to True Beauty, popular K-dramas adapted from webtoons include Itaewon Class, Mystic Pop-up Bar, Backstreet Rookie, Sweet Home, and the currently-running The Uncanny Counter.

If you love stories like True Beauty, here are a few more free-to-watch K-dramas adapted from webtoons – and featuring idols – that you may have missed:

Meow, the Secret Boy

This is a fantasy romantic drama involving aspiring webtoon artist Sol Ah who fosters a cute white cat called Hong Jo that has the ability to transform into a human for short periods of time. Despite her love-hate relationship with cats, Hong Jo soon proves that he’ll do anything to stay near her. It stars INFINITE’s L (Kim MyungSoo) as Hong Jo and Shin YeEun as Sol Ah. It’s available on Viu.

Pop Out Boy!

It’s a romantic drama about Nam Wook, fictional male character from a romance comic who jumps out of the 2-dimensional pages into real life, in front of Sun Nyeo, a high school girl who looks exactly like a character from a comic. He may be a heartthrob, but he can’t help but make overly cringey, emotional comments at every turn. It stars Kim Min Kyu as Nam Wook and Kim Do Yeon of Weki Meki, as Sun Nyeo. It’s available via PlayList Global’s Youtube.

The World of My 17

This is a drama about friendship and growth in high school, where friends make up the entirety of one’s world. The story tells the daily life of Nari, 17-year-old teenager and her interactions with her troublesome but pretty friends Yu Na, Seon Ji, and Mi Rae. It stars a number of idols: OH MY GIRL’s Arin and FANATICS’s DoAh, as well as Hwang BoReum, Han ChaeKyung, RyeoUn, and VIINI. It’s available on TvN D STORY’s Youtube.

Love Revolution

This high school romance is about 17-year old Ju Young who thinks he has found love at school when he falls for the cold and aloof Ja Rim at first sight. With the help of classmates, the drama depicts a realistic teen drama about love, friendship, and dreams. It also stars a couple of idols, including Wanna One’s Park JiHoon as Ju Young, THE BOYZ’s YoungHoon, Lee RuBy as Ja Rim. It’s available on iQIYI.