Kpop Groups’ Reality Shows to Binge On |

kpop reality

In the world of K-pop, if you want to start familiarising yourself with a new group, one of the best ways to do so is by watching their variety/reality show. These shows are dedicated to focusing on just one group, where you can watch the group dynamic unfold, see how the members work together and interact, and find out more about individual members. Each K-pop group usually has at least one reality show as it’s a great way to gain exposure and attract potential new fans. 

Run BTS! (since 2015)

This is BTS’ weekly broadcasted web series offered for free viewing on VLive. It started in 2015 and is still ongoing, with more than 110 episodes so far. In the show, the members complete challenges, verse each other and fulfill missions usually through funny games. They earn prizes or receive punishments based on the outcomes. 

Blackpink 24/365 (since July 2020)

After a successful run of Blackpink House (2018) which featured the girls in their daily lives, the group are back with their latest series on Youtube, which is ongoing. This latest reality series showcases the girls in a variety of settings, from a Q&A session to a cooking segment and a behind-the-scenes look of their latest single, Ice Cream.

NCT Life (since 2016)

NCT Life premiered even before any NCT unit debuted as a way to promote them, especially since they are powerhouse agency SM Entertainment’s newest boy group. It now has 10 seasons, with 18 different NCT members being the main focus of different seasons. Viewers gain insight into the group’s promotional activities and daily life, usually while travelling.

Finding SKZ (since 2019)

Finding SKZ has two seasons where they have missions to complete, with Stray Kids’ own unique and funny take. Season 1 explored popular variety shows like ‘Journey to the West’ and ‘Knowing Bros’. Season 2 (aka “God Edition”) sees each member finding their own “god powers” to become eight gods, and then fight to steal each other’s powers. Both seasons are available on Youtube.

Time to TWICE (since April 2020)

Time to TWICE is the group’s second reality show filmed as a whole group. Each episode is available on YouTube and VLive. The show comprises several series according to theme, including a karaoke battle, an escape game, indoor sports where they battle each other in teams, and a camping edition, with each of the series being several episodes long.

Monsta X-Ray (since 2017)

There are three seasons of Monsta X-Ray in which they conduct a range of activities, including parodies of K-dramas, working at a daycare, roleplaying as a family in traditional dress, working at a zoo, a showdown with BTOB, and just some ridiculous but hilarious games and challenges. They’ve also come out with new reality shows in 2020, like Monsta X’s on Vacation which is currently ongoing.