Love Ondeh-Ondeh? Savour its Flavour in Tarts, Soju, Drinks, and More |

ondeh ondeh

When it comes to food flavours, there seems to be a pattern. One year we may see everything durian-flavoured, and the next, we see that boba bubbles are everywhere. Another flavour that’s made it into a trend is none other than the classic ondeh-ondeh. These green-coloured coconut-covered balls burst with sweet molten palm sugar are popular as traditional Malay/Nyonya kueh – and its known as klepon in Java, where it originates.

The coconut-gula melaka flavoured kueh gets another boost in popularity with these new iterations of ondeh-ondeh-flavoured food items:

Compendium Ondeh Ondeh Soju

Singapore’s first locally-distilled soju has a version with the flavour of ondeh-ondeh, which is fermented from gula melaka then distilled with coconut and pandan leaves.

Ondeh-Ondeh Kitkat

This came out in 2019 as a special edition flavour to celebrate Hari Raya.

NutriSoy Ondeh Ondeh flavour

This limited-edition drink has a similar taste to chendol since they share similar ingredients, and is touted to have 25% less sugar than regular soya milk.

KFC Ondeh Ondeh Tart

It’s another limited-time offer, touted as a flaky egg tart shell filled with gula melaka and pandan custard, topped with shredded dried coconut.

BK Onde Boleh Pie

BK’s latest limited new menu item is a rework of their pie, but this time with a filling of sweet gula melaka-soaked coconut.

Starbucks Ondeh Ondeh Cheesecake

In early July, Starbucks released a series of treats under their ‘Shiok! Food’ label, which includes an Ondeh Ondeh Cheesecake that’s flavoured with pandan, gula melaka and coconut. Of course, ondeh-ondeh cakes from numerous cafes and bakeries have been sold islandwide for a while now.

Ondeh Ondeh Mooncakes

There are plenty of options for ondeh-ondeh in mooncakes. From Starbucks’s Pandan Gula Melaka (Ondeh Ondeh) to Yong Sheng’s Gula Melaka Mooncake and Capitol Kempinski Hotel’s Baked Pandan Paste Melon Seeds Mooncake, there’s no shortage of choices.

Lemuel Ondeh All-Day

Encased in a dark chocolate shell and filled with Gula Melaka white chocolate ganache, this bonbon from Singapore’s own bean-to-bar chocolatier shows off local flavours.

Dairy-free Onde Onde Ice Cream

A fragrant, dairy-free pandan coconut ice cream from local company, ice cream & cookie co., has chewy mochi bits, dessicated coconut, and gula melaka swirl mixed through.

King’s Potong Signature Onde Onde

Instead of a single amalgamated flavour, this potong ice cream has three layers: pandan, coconut, and gula melaka which oozes out form the middle.

Ondeh Ondeh with Gula Melaka Latte

This ice latte from Godmama At Home isn’t the first or only ondeh-ondeh flavoured drink – they also have Ondeh Ondeh Latte without the sweet gula melaka. Mosanco Cafe is another eatery that offers a similar drink called Ondeh X Expresso which is available as cold or hot latte.