Make Chawanmushi From Leftover Cup Noodle Broth |


Whether you love instant noodles or are just too lazy to cook or eat out, then here’s a way for you to maximise the leftovers from your cup noodle broth: you can actually make a delicious chawanmushi (egg custard) with it. That way, you get two meals with one cup!

This recipe actually comes from the maker Nissin – the maker of the famous Cup Noodles – so you can be sure that it’ll be super easy and convenient to cook. You can also use any instant noodle that comes in a cup too. You’ll need a microwave, a microwave-safe cup or mug, and these ingredients:

  • Leftover Cup Noodles (any flavour)
  • An egg
  • Plastic wrap

Step 1

Prepare your Cup Noodle the way you usually do, and then enjoy the meal! Just be sure to leave the broth, and also a piece of shrimp (if you can resist not eating it) to give your chawanmushi a more authentic texture and flavour.

Step 2

Crack your egg right into the cup of broth and then whisk it thoroughly – you can even use the chopsticks you ate with (for convenience).

Step 3

Pour the entire mixture into the microwave-safe cup or mug – including the shrimp (if you saved it) and all the other bits of onion. Then cover the cup in a plastic wrap or clingfilm.

Step 4

Pop the cup in the microwave and nuke it for 2 minutes and 45 seconds at 200 watts, and your chawanmushi should be done!

The result is something like what you’d get at a Japanese chain restaurant – it’ll be soft and tastes rich like the broth you cooked it in. You can adjust the level of flavour simply by using more or less broth, so have fun!