Munchy Mondays: Cedele at Wheelock |

By Kirstin Sow

Cedele Wheelock has recently revamped their all-day dining concept and menu, which now consists of one-third vegan and gluten-free dishes. Known for their breads and cakes, local brand Cedele has collaborated with both local and regional suppliers for ingredients in its menu items.

Campus magazine had the opportunity to try out some of their latest menu items at their newly-renovated premises at Wheelock.

The Food

For light, sharing dishes, we had the Cauliflower Almond Poppers and Furikake Tofu. To imitate the appearance of popcorn chicken, the cauliflower is first steamed then rolled in almonds, giving it a crispy exterior with a light, soft interior. As for the tofu, it had a combination of pleasantly, sweet balsamic date dressing complementing well with the nuttiness of the vegan furikake topping.

For the Tiger Prawn Kombucha Kale Salad, both ingredients are locally sourced from Ah Hua Kelong and Sustenir Agriculture respectively (these locally-sourced ingredients are delivered within 3 hours!). The light and refreshing homemade kombucha orange dressing goes very nicely with the crisp kale while the tiger prawns were well seasoned, flavourful and juicy.

With the rising hype surrounding plant-based meat alternatives, we managed to try their new Beetroot Avocado Burger, made with a homemade beetroot patty, avocado and spiced tomato chutney was held together by a soft spinach bun. The bun’s light green hues and the purplish tones of the beetroot patty provided a welcoming touch for the upcoming festive season. The well-spiced beetroot patty, coupled with the creamy avocado and tangy chilli jam excited the palette with its multitude of unique flavors and textures.

We also tried the Steak Bolognese, which was reasonable but was less impressive than its other main counterparts. While the ribeye slices were juicy and tender, the beef ragu lacked in flavour. Still, it made for a rather filling meal with generous portions of meat provided.

Other notable dishes on the menu includes the organic Jasberry black rice that features in several Cedele seafood and vegan rice bowls. The rice is from Siam Organic, a Thai social enterprise that supports the livelihoods of small scale farmers and their communities, and contains 2.8 times more antioxidants than blueberries and regular rice. This whole grain superfood is prepared in a Thai style with lime and lemongrass, with added crunch from bits of bell pepper as well.

Purported to have digestive benefits, kombucha is incorporated as food dressing in the main menu items. Similarly, Cedele’s drinks menu also features 3 different artisanal kombucha beverages with a blend of fruits and spices. The original version is reminiscent of a Taiwan fruit vinegar and apple cider, while the ginger passion version is addictive with its spiced flavours.

Our favourite Christmas goodies include the Scarlet Earl Grey Log Cake with its cheesy earl grey mascarpone cream and rich dark chocolate truffle interior, as well as the classic Dark Chocolate Tiramisu Trifle with strong rum and coffee notes.

CEDELE at Wheelock
501 Orchard Rd, #03-14 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880