Ngee Ann Polytechnic students want to ease job search for millennials

Job searching is known to be a tedious and daunting process for everyone, especially with stories of fresh graduates being jobless even after months of sending out more than 100 applications for a variety of jobs. Students at Ngee Ann Polytechnic wanted to change that, and came up with a “Join the Smart Side” campaign to tackle this fear in collaboration with JobTech, a local tech company that runs a job-seeking web portal primarily for retrenched workers.

In tailoring the job portal to appeal to students, their #JointheSmartSide campaign touts three key points that makes it easy for students to look for jobs:

  1. Eliminating the need to look through multiple sites

JobTech’s augmented job search engine aggregates job postings from thousands (if not millions) of job-search portals from Singapore and around the world, providing access to an extensive list of jobs using only a single platform. Students are then directed to contact the portals directly if there’s a listing that suits them.

  1. Accurate job listings tailored by resume

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology behind this job portal uses semantic fingerprinting, instead of traditional keyword matching, which results in a more accurate job matches. This means jobs listings that best match your unique skills can be recommended simply from the details in your resume.

  1. Understanding demands in the industry to stay relevant

Through analysing actual job descriptions and requirements, Skills Maps is able to help you increase your employability by understanding the skills that are currently in demand, or are observed to be increasing in demand in a particular industry. That way, you can stay competitive by choosing the skills that are relevant within the industry or vocation, even after you’ve found your job.

The campaign ‘Join the Smart Side’ is a Final Year Project (Capstone) by Magnitude X, a student-run agency of fifteen final year students of Ngee Ann Polytechnic, in collaboration with local Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics technology start-up, JobTech. Check out #JointheSmartSide or on Instagram.