Nissin CupNoodles has created 3 anime ‘hosts’ from Laksa, Chilli Crab and Tom Yum flavours

You’ve probably seen local-flavoured CupNoodles at your supermarket – flavours like Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab, and er, Tom Yum. But did you know that in Japan, Nissin has even created 3 anime characters to represent each flavour? Here’s a little (rather weird) promo anime they’ve created:

Apparently Tom Yum character ‘Tomya’ loves his coriander, while Laksa-loving ‘Lak’ is all about creamy coconut, and Black Pepper boy ‘Blape’ is all about crabs.

These three characters are created as ikemen (good-looking) characters from a host club (in Japan, they’re popular places where women would be entertained by men) called ‘Club Es’. No doubt fujoushi fans are loving the content, with the boys showing off their charms and half-nakedness.

We have no idea who wrote their dialog – er, song? – but it does grate on you after a while, that is, if you can’t stop laughing to the beat.

So who is your favourite flavour? And are you going: “Lala-lak-sa-lak-sa-lak-sa” yet?

There’s a reason why it’s called ‘Club Es’ – it’s short for the ‘Ethnic’, which is what this campaign is called (quite inappropriately). You can even check out the official site, which makes it look like a host club site complete with rankings, here.