Our favourite series are back on Netflix this June | campus.sg

If you’re a Netflix and chill kinda person, then you’ll want to know the lineup for June. It’s looking to be a hot release month, with plenty of our favourite titles back for their concurrent season run.

5 June: Black Mirror, Season 5

Kicking off June’s big-title month is everyone’s favourite dystopian fantasy, Black Mirror which comes hot off the heels of its previous choose-your-own-ending release, Bandersnatch. Back for Season 5, it’ll be the shortest one yet with only three episodes: Striking Vipers, Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too, and Smithereens.

Each episode will be a standalone story with different characters but they will all live within the Black Mirror universe established in season 4’s Black Museum. This season will feature a number of familiar faces: Miley Cyrus, Topher Grace, and Anthony Mackie (Falcon from the MCU series).

14 June: Jessica Jones, Season 3

The third and final season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones brings back Krysten Ritter’s hard-drinking, super-powered private investigator. This time, she’ll go up against a highly intelligent psychopath, while her ex-assistant Malcolm is now working for ruthless lawyer Jeri Hoggarth, and her best friend Trish is training to become the hero she wants to be.

It would be interesting to see how season three will wrap up the entire series, since the previous season ended up with a big surprise, and everyone went their own separate ways.

14 June: Aggretsuko, Season 2

This little Sanrio character – a red panda with a demure personality who breaks out in heavy metal at a karaoke whenever she’s angry – is basically all of us. In the hilarious short episodes, she has to put up with her bully of a boss and useless co-workers, and when the going gets too tough, she lets off steam (with her own mic) at a karaoke bar. She also had a Christmas special.

In the second season we see how her work-place anxieties and relationship worries get amped up thanks to her mother’s meddling. *cue angry metal screaming*

21 June: Dark, Season 2

This series has been billed as the “German Stranger Things”, although we have no idea why. This trilogy actually takes place over 3 timelines (2019, 1986 and 1953), involving a missing boy and a time-travelling tunnel set in a rural village in Germany. Some of the revelations will totally shock you in this slow-paced drama/thriller/mystery.

The end of season one has given us more questions than answers, and we hope that season two will enlighten us. Two timelines is enough of a mind boggler, but three might require watching a few more times in order to understand the story.

4 July: Stranger Things, Season 3

While it’s not technically not in June, everyone’s favourite bunch of kids will be back in Stranger Things in early July! The trailer, set to The Who’s Baba O’Reilly, makes it clear that the Stranger Things kids are starting to grow up – but the terrors of the Upside Down haven’t gone away…

The good news is that all of the original cast will be back: Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Winona Ryder (Joyce), Noah Schnapp (Will), Caleb Mclaughlin (Lucas), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Natalia Dyer (Nancy), Charlie Heaton (Jonathan), and fan favourite Joe Keery (Steve) are all set to return.