[Out Now] Campus #51: Retro Issue

It may be 2017, but if you look around, it looks as if the past is coming back with a vengeance. From TV shows to sneakers, it seems that we have a soft spot for all things retro – in Portugal, this feeling is called ‘saudade‘, or ‘a nostalgia for nostalgia’. So if you you dig the old that’s somehow the new, then this issue’s theme is definitely for you.

In this issue, we cover the return of 80s culture which was ruled by the cassette (and mixtapes!), as well as retro video games that have their own place in the hall of fame, including Super Mario, Street Fighter, and Zelda. We’re also exploring some of the best and worst of 80s film remakes, and also some of the raciest book titles of the 20th century.

Of course, fashion makes a big retro statement, and we’re covering current fashion trends that are basically a revival of grandma’s closet, as well as retro sneakers that are a huge part of today’s streetwear fashion.

If you’re hankering for homegrown nostalgia, we’re also covering iconic old architecture (which also happen to be Insta-worthy), old school mama store snacks, as well as some (possibly forgotten) Singapore slang.

Best of all, you can read them online here (it’s free!) or pick up a (free) copy at your school.