[Out Now] Issue 55: Issues Issue

We’ve all got issues. The world’s got issues. That’s just how it is, right? In our latest issue, we explore materialism (p.12), which is contributing to our huge waste issue (p.2), as well as the moral dilemma of gene editing (p.6), and the big issue of sexual abuse in the wake of #metoo (p.14). But wait, there’s more:

On Gender Issues

Are boys allowed to cry (p.4), or is masculinity preventing them from expressing themselves properly? If feminists aren’t man-haters, what do they fight for (p.7)? Are there only two genders, or are we simply shoeboxing a whole portion of society (p.17)?

On Body Issues

We’ve all got body issues – men are worried about growing a pair in the wrong place (p.20), while women are probably worrying about following the latest trend (p.5). Both sexes are guilty of wanting to fix something about themselves – just look at how Korea is making everyone look the same (p.13). Do all of these issues lead to the fact that the youth are having less sex than before (p. 18)?

If any of this got you thinking… that’s good! Tell your friends, discuss with your peers. In the meantime, pick up your FREE copy of our latest issue from our distribution outlets or read free online here.

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