[Out Now] Issue 60: Retro Issue

Who doesn’t like a bit of retro? In this issue’s magazine, we’re featuring plenty of retro topics.

If you appreciate classics, check out our brief history of Coca-Cola (p.4) or some really interesting (but entirely misleading) cigarette ads (p.17) from the 30s to 60s. Fan of digital art? Then check out some ASCII art that’s endured from the 90s. Explore another topic that was huge in the 90s: boy bands (p.5).

We also look at how things have progressed over the course of the century, exploring the changing influencers (p.15) over the years, as well as the gaming industry (p.6) and movie special effects (p.16), from their early years to what we see today. Fashionistas will appreciate the evolution of classic designer brands (p.19).

Not to be missed is Kpop (p.7), featuring the latest MVs that are shot in retro styles. If you’re wondering why some retro ideas have staying power, then look towards classic literature (p.18) for is timeless plots. Feeling nostalgic? Check out some retro foods (p.13) that you can sample today at old school restaurants in Singapore.

On a serious side, you can explore the topic of gender roles over the years (p.9), and specifically, the role of pulp fiction in the evolution of feminism (p.20).

If you’re looking forward to the holidays, then we’ve got some suggestions – head to Taiwan (p.2) for its refreshing mountain landscape and food galore, or follow the rivers of Thailand (p.10), where floating markets and river scenery dominate.

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