[Out Now] Issue 63: Entrepreneurship Issue + Study in the USA special! | campus.sg

It’s the year end, and we’ve got a special bonus for all you readers! In addition to our bi-monthly print magazine – our Entrepreneurship & Innovation Issue – we also have a 28-page edition of our inaugural ‘Study in the USA‘ special insert! For those of you who’re thinking of studying in the US, this is your chance to read up on topics like types of schools, requirements, application procedures, and much more!

Now, back to Campus Issue 63: We wouldn’t have anything we use today – Grab, Netflix, computers, etc – without the innovations put forth by entrepreneurs. So, to encourage future entrepreneurs (and to celebrate those who’ve succeeded), we’ve got our Entrepreneurship & Innovation Issue!

Feel inspired by the diversity of entrepreneurs who have made it – we’ve got a list of some of Asia’s richest businessmen (p.4), as well as some celebrity entrepreneurs (p.10) who’ve capitalised on their fame; we’ve also got a list of local student entrepreneurs that you may know of (p.8).

We all care about our community, so we’re also featuring some social entrepreneurs who’ve made an impact in local communities (p. 7), as well as the tech apps that are designed to help those who suffer from social disabilities (p. 5).

Innovation is the way for humankind to move forward, and in this issue we feature several categories of innovation. First is food innovation, where we discuss the future of lab-grown meat (p.2) and also talk about something close to the heart of Singaporeans: the automation of the hawker centres (p.11). When talking about food, you can’t ignore the fact that we have a huge food waste problem – so we find out what companies are innovating on that front (p.13).

Would you like a career in space (p3.), or something to do with the world out there? We’ve got insights from someone in the industry (they’re based in Singapore!). Or if you prefer to play games, then we detail some of the innovations that are happening in video games (p.15).

Ladies – we’re all tired of being fearful for our personal safety (especially when we travel), so the last piece on innovation (p.16) will feature a myriad of solutions – from apps to appliances – that would make us feel that bit safer.

Interested to read more? Pick up your free copy of the magazine at these locations (or at select orientation week goodie bags); otherwise, you can also check out the magazine online here, including the US education insert.