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issue 66

Not only have we completed our Circuit Breaker (we still have to be vigilant – we’re not out of the woods yet!), we’ve also just entered the GE2020 season – what a 2020 so far! Our latest issue is a timely one, since we’ll be focusing on “Singapore”! In this issue, we talk about all things good and bad, covering topics from food to social issues and more.

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One of the most passionate subjects among Singaporeans is food! Learn about the origins of some of our well-loved dishes (p.9), and visit some of the oldest restaurants in Singapore (p.5) or compare how our dishes differ from those in Malaysia (p7.). Fast forward to the future and check out the latest in Singapore’s food tech scene (p.13).

This issue discusses some recent hot topics in Singapore, like the feasibility of pursuing the arts (p.2) as a living, and how advancements in tech helped spread of obscene materials (p.14) in Singapore. We also track the evolution of our architectural styles (p.16) over the years, and discover just how sustainable Singapore really is (p.4).

Social issues take centre stage in our Singapore issue – from our migrant worker situation (p.3) and the issues of rampant misogyny brought to light by the likes of OLG (p.10) to the dark truths about stress-related mental health issues (p.18) plaguing teens in Singapore, and the hotly-debated issue of racism (p.20) in Singapore these days.

What do Singaporeans like to do for leisure? We watch more Asian dramas (p.11) from Korea than we do critically-acclaimed movies made in Singapore (p.12).

We’ve also got some local trivia for you: what do you think men and women in Singapore look for in a potential partner (IFC), and how much of Singapore’s laws do you actually know (p.8)? Since you’ve been cooped up at home for a while now, why not head outside and try to identify our local birds (p.17) and plants (IBC) which have thrived during the Circuit Breaker period?

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