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Issue 67 Campus

We’ve made it past the halfway point of 2020! The world is certainly a crazy place at the moment, but we should take the time to also appreciate all the things that make our lives more convenient and aesthetic. We’re talking about all the things designed to enhance our lives – in our Design Issue, we’re talking about everything from the design of everyday products to architecture and animation.

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From mobile phones to mamachari

Let’s start with the appreciation of things we use everyday. We take a look at how our smartphones have evolved since the very first ‘brick’ phone (p. 2), and how cocktail glasses are actually more than just pretty vessels for your drink (p.10). We also detail the design consideration that goes into Japan’s mamachari bicycles and randoseru backpacks (p.19).

Design of food

Food is an indispensable everyday need, and the food we eat today has been designed and engineered over the ages. Explore how we’ve been tinkering with the genetic makeup of crops for ages (p.9), and how the need for a more fast-paced, lazy lifestyle has spurred the creation of some very creative convenience foods (p.8). As a bonus, we’ve also got a piece of ‘the most difficult cake to bake’: the kek lapis Sarawak (p.11).

From Korean dramas to Stranger Things

We also have some fashion-related articles, starting with the history of the necktie (p.14) which has evolved over the centuries. We also check out the vividly colourful costumes of historic K-dramas (sageuk) and expand on the costumes people wore during the Goryeo and Joseon eras (p.15). While we’re on the subject of costumes, we also check out historically accurate styles of movies and films like Titanic, Mad Men, and Stranger Things (p. 17).

Studio Ghibli and anime design

Continuing on the theme of entertainment, we’ve also covered some Japanese animation. Explore how Studio Ghibli’s films hide secret messages in their brilliant layout designs (p.5), and how the look of today’s anime characters – from Deku to Mikasa Ackerman – have evolved over the ages (p.6).

Themed spaces

The look and feel of a space can affect our moods, as can be seen in some of the most gorgeous subway stations in the world (p.3). A popular interior design ‘mood’ these days borrows from Scandinavian philosophies like hygge and lagom, which we explore as well (p.18). We also explore the styling of ‘cyberpunk’, with its well-defined architecture, lighting, and general mood (p.4).

The future of design

We end the issue with a look to the future – first by showcasing some interesting 3D-printed items that could save the world (p.20), and how we should start designing our digital experiences with tactile elements so that we don’t go ‘fingerblind’ (p.12).

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