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campus issue 68

We’ve made it to the end of 2020, and it’s certainly an eventful year that will definitely be remembered in history. In our closing issue for the year, we’re focusing on the fun stuff: pop! In our Pop Issue, we’re talking about everything from music to films and other pop culture phenomenons.

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Introduction to film, TV & music icons

Whether you’re a fan or not, chances are you’ve probably come across quotes from Star Wars or references to Star Trek and Dr. Who. If you’re not familiar – because generation gap – then we’ve got a starter guide to famous Star Wars quotes (p.11) and the basic rundown of Star Trek (p.10) so that you don’t confuse the two franchises. We also added Dr. Who (p.18) to the list.

You may have Spotify, but how much do you really know about K-pop phenomenon BTS (p.9) and how they started? We also give you a lowdown on hip hop icons, the Wu Tang Clan (p.8) – no, they’re not a Chinese clan.

Keeping up with pop trends

What’s new in the world of music? Read about what your favourite pop stars – like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber – have been up to during the pandemic (p.7).

Meanwhile in Korea, see how some of the biggest bands are going online to revolutionise the K-pop industry (p.4) and read up about the dark side of K-pop (p.6) – how are artists coping with expectations?

Speaking of trends, which music video do you think tops Youtube’s most-viewed list (p.12)? Is it Baby Shark or Despacito?

Crossover culture

Collabs between two different industries is nothing new; brands are increasingly looking for new ways to raise awareness. We start off with the growing list of pop and hip hop artists who have collabs with your favourite sneaker brands (p.3). To reach a larger, affluent market, luxury fashion brands have teamed up with gaming companies like League of Legends and even built their own games (p.20).

In another version of crossover culture, meet the Youtubers who are bringing fiction to life by recreating the dishes that we see in films, TV, and games (p.2).

Social trends in pop culture

It’s 2020, and the pandemic has gotten all of us feeling rather stuck. We’ve compiled a range of films and TV series that resonate with the zeitgeist of 2020 (p.14). With all that’s happening in the past year, it’s no wonder we all want to go back to simpler times: we explore how the nostalgia of the 80s is prevalent in new films and series produces these days (p.13).

Cartoons are more than just entertainment for kids – titles like The Simpsons and The Jetsons are also social commentaries that reflect the changing cutural norms of society over the decades (p.16).

We also pay homage to girl power. See what makes Studio Ghibli’s characters like Chihiro (Spirited Away) and Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle) heroes in their own right (p.19). On the scary side of girl power, we also explain why women make the scariest and most enduring ghosts (p.15) – think Sadako and Annabelle!

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