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issue 71

What makes the world go round? One can’t argue that the answer could be “money”, and that’s the theme of Issue 71. While we’re now into our semi-lockdown mode, let’s take a look at how money and all its iterations has shaped our lives.

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Hidden secrets

We take a look at how currencies around the world actually look like, as we explore the design of banknotes and coins (p.08). However, hidden within intricate designs are important clues and secret messages that we’ve also uncovered (p.16).

Speaking of currency, we also look at Bitcoin as the favourite of cryptocurrencies (p.00).

Free money

Well, not exactly, but it’s close enough! In this issue we look at all sorts of scholarships (including a lot of bond-free ones) that let you study overseas at various universities – from the UK to the US and South Korea – for free, or nearly free (p.02). If you’re already a busy student and want to make passive income, then check out our guide to earning passive income as a student (p.10).

Money and behaviour

If it’s one thing that’s constant, it’s that money can change a person. A number of research papers have documented how and why money affects an individual’s mind and how they behave (p.01), which make for fascinating reading. Money is also guilty for fueling greed – and many scammers know how people are gullible to ‘easy money’ so read up on some of the most popular scams Singapore has seen in the last year (p.06).

When it comes to the world of art, do you know how they’re evaluated? A number of factors can make the value skyrocket, including the behaviour of the artist(s) – the bolder, the better. In a way, it’s life influencing art, which in turn influences money (p.14).

Money stories in Asia

While we may not know how much K-pop artists make, we can break down how the money from fans – from merchandise to tickets – gets disseminated down to each artist (p.09).

China is a major player in the world’s economy, so its burgeoning middle class is something to look out for: will it be good or bad for the world when they finally come into their own? (p.12).

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