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Campus issue 72

What elevates humankind into a civilisations? It’s our ability to create and appreciate art. From cave paintings to Renaissance art to NFTs, art has been a way for us to communicate and create value in society. And our latest issue – the Art Issue – celebrates creativity in all its forms.

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Showcasing Art

If you’re the type who appreciates art wherever you go, then check out some of these places the next time you travel. We’ve got some of the most famous art museums around the world (p.02), as well as artistic hotels that feature creative works in their hallways and rooms (p. 05).

Art of a genre

Not all ancient art is prude – some of these artworks around the world showcase our darker desires, depicted as erotic art (p. 16). But if you prefer an even darker view of our imagination, we also explore the art of the Apocalypse (p.15) where we showcase some famous artworks over the centuries.

You’ve probably heard of Pop Art, but if you’re fuzzy on the terminology, we’ve got a cheat sheet to sort you out (p.10).

Moving pictures

These days, Kpop music videos have been elevated into an art form – and we break down the elements (p.03) as we examine MVs from the likes of BTS, Blackpink, and more.

If you’re a fan of horror movies but can’t stand the basic jump scare, then we’ve got a list of some artistically-shot horror flicks for you to check out (p.04).

Sound in art

Have you ever wondered how a printed piece of art can make “noise”? We explore how comic artists create sound on paper and the birth of sound effects (p.08).

For a more classic interpretation of art in sound, we look at a list of the richest musicians in the world (p.14). Guess who made a billion?

Art on the internet

As society progresses, more of our lives are online. This also goes for art! We check out the birth of memes (p.06) which have given us a new way to communicate. Another form of visual art perpetuated online – especially social media – is a genre called “foodporn” and we explore how aesthetics of food is a driving force (p.11).

Fashion is another form of art that’s heavily influenced by social media – it’s perhaps the reason for the latest fashion “trends” to look… ugly (p.07).

A huge form of online art in recent months is undoubtedly NFTs, some of which have been sold for crazy amounts of real money (p. 12). But why do people spend money on what’s essentially just a link to an image?

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