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Campus Travel 74

With the number of Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) opening up, the idea of travelling is once again on the cards. So, our latest issue – the Travel Issue – lays out some of the travel options available in the age of Covid-19. Whether you’re planning on travelling during the holidays, thinking about travelling in the near future, or just wondering what’s out there, we’ve got you covered.

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The lowdown on travel

Before you choose to book yourself a VTL trip, you’ll have to keep up with the latest travel rules – it’s not as easy as before. We have some general tips for would-be travellers (p.4), and also some findings from travel experts regarding flying in the Covid-19 era (IFC).

With the pandemic lingering around, it may be a bit redundant to book yourself a round-the-world (RTW) ticket, but in case you were planning way in advance, we’ve got you covered (p.12).

If you’re a nomad worker (or plan to be), then you may be interested in working anywhere around the world, so we’ve gathered a list of countries with ‘nomad visas’ where you can live and work overseas (p.16).

Getting personal

The pandemic has disrupted a lot of travel plans for many people – and not all of the casualties are leisure travellers. Students who have planned to study overseas were impacted, and we hear an account from a Singaporean student in Australia (p.13).

Travel plans were also made trickier during the pandemic for a teen British-Belgian girl who planned on breaking a world record by flying a microlight solo around the world (p.15).

Choo choo

Flying isn’t the only way to get around: we spotlight a story on interesting sightseeing trains around the world (p.2) which may be an alternative way to travel. We also highlight Japan’s uber luxury trains, which are a decadent way to explore certain regions in the country (p.14) – if you have the budget.

Plan your travel

As this is the travel issue, we’ve featured some countries on the VTL list. We kick off with Spain (p.5) which is where you’ll find everything from flamenco to fiestas, paellas to pinchos, and a whole lot more. Holland – aka the Netherlands – (p.6) is a unique country that is basically shaped by dams and windmills, and is known for their passion for cheese and cycling.

The Scandinavian country of Denmark (p.7) is known for its Viking history, and a penchant for hot dogs which you can get at the many food trucks across Copenhagen. The neutral country of Switzerland (p.8) is next on the list, which is known for its mountains, St. Bernards, as well as picturesque UNESCO-listed vineyards that tumble down to Lake Geneva.

Britain (p.9) is the last feature in Europe, where we highlight its quirky landmarks, foods, and customs. It’s then across the pond to the USA (p.10), where we explore what the ‘land of the free’ has to offer to travellers; there are road trips, concerts, food tours, and much more.

Even though Singapore (p.3) is a tiny country, there are still opportunities to travel around – we explore some destinations across our red dot that remind us of other countries.

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