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Campus issue 75

It’s already 2022 and we’re still living with Covid-19 – and no one really knows what our future holds. So, in an effort to shed light into all the possibilities it holds, our Future Issue tackles some interesting developments on what our future would be like.

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The sci-fi connection

It’s no surprise that whenever we think of the future, we tend to reference sci-fi works. There are two common tropes what the ‘future’ looks like – either a dystopia or utopia – and we explore how some of the most famous works dissect these scenarios (p.7). One of the biggest questions in this decade is the issue of space flights (p.10), and we explore the possibilities – and hindrances – of a journey to Mars.

Sometimes sci-fi scenarios become a blueprint for real life – this is especially true when it comes to what humanity will become in the future. We’re talking about immortality (p.14), and how humans can prolong life in the future.

Innovations and technology

The Covid-19 pandemic, while being deadly, has also accelerated the speed of medical discoveries. We explore some of these (p.3), from vaccine patches to mobile cough detectors. While we’re on the topic of health, the way food is currently produced and distributed may need to be revamped. The diet of the future may be radically different than what we’re used to today (p.13).

For those of you who’re trading in cryptocurrencies, do you know the environmental costs? We explore the birth, rise, and ebb of digital currencies (p. 8), and how they’re far more polluting than you think. And these days, you can’t really talk cryptocurrencies without NFTs – a new buzzword in both the crypto and art collectors’ worlds. Are NFTs the future of collectibles (p.16)?

Past and present

Remember Nostradamus? We try to dissect his cryptic predictions for 2022, and some of them are eerily possible in this day and age (p.4). Speaking of the past representing the present, we’re also showcasing some futuristic architecture around the world – most of these gems were constructed decades ago (p. 2), some back to the 70s!

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