Pedophiles in the news

If you been following news out of our courts lately, you’ll realise that there seems to be a high proportion of crimes relating to pedophilia. You know they always say ‘low crime doesn’t mean no crime’ – but we doubt anyone was thinking of crimes like pedophilia. Here are some of the most vile cases:

The company director

On March 9th, there was a case involving a 47 year old company director who actually raped his own son’s former girlfriend! He admitted to sexually abusing the girl over a period of 1.5 years… when she was only between 11 and 13 years old. The first time he raped her was in a hotel room – but that wasn’t the only time lewd acts were performed.

However, the most baffling excuse he had for committing this crime was the fact that he was suffering from… depression. And that his father had multiple affairs with women, and that he had his first sexual relationship at age 13 with his family’s maid. Would you believe he’s not ‘of sound mind’ when he committed these acts?

The neighbour

The next guy who committed pedophilia was sentenced to 24 years in prison – he was 45, and she was 11 – and the kicker is that the man was close to her parents (they were neighbours)! He sexually abused the girl for 6 months, and even gave her a sex toy – the whole affair apparently began when she told him about a boy she met on Facebook. He then manipulated her into having sex with him… at multi-storey carparks!

When the girl’s family lodged a police report after finding out via a school counselor, he ran away to JB! Luckily, he was spotted by his ex-wife and was quickly brought back to Singapore to be sentenced.

The mother’s lover

If you think being 11 isn’t bad enough, this next criminal sexually abused his lover’s daughter who was only 7-8 years old! The worst part was that he would abuse her in broad daylight while other people were at home. She suffered at his hands for 7 years – but her own mother didn’t even help her. Ironically, the man, who was married, was jobless and was actually supported by his wife! To cap it off, the girl and her mother were also living in the same house.

In a weird twist of events, when the girl could not take the abuse anymore, she came forward to his wife instead of her own mother – and when the police arrested him, her mother actually alienated her.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and it is very surprising how some adult men can bring themselves to perform such acts against innocent children.