Pick Your Side with these ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Memes and Fanart | campus.sg


The long-awaited Godzilla vs Kong movie has finally been released, and people just can’t get enough of this monster showdown! It turns out that we’re all just waiting to see the sight of an overgrown gorilla pummel the lights out of a radioactive lizard in the middle of Hong Kong. And everyone is showing their love – and appreciation – of this monster battle the same way they did with Bernie Sanders: by making memes and other artwork.


Which titan will win?

The Simpsons predicted a Godzilla vs Kong Kong battle
An old but gold gif

Here are some cool tribute artworks:

by Rafael Varona (IG: rafa_varona)
Godzilla didn’t fight Kong here, but this was so funny

This isn’t the first time these titans clashed – they were also featured in a 1962 Japanese-Amerian movie, King Kong Vs Godzilla.