Poly grads, your O-Level grades don’t matter when applying to NTU or NUS from 2020

The Ministry of Education (MOE) will be removing an existing requirement for an applicant’s O-Level results for their University Admissions Score (UAS) as of 2020 for NUS and NTU. Out of the 6 universities, only NUS and NTU put O-Level results as 20% of their UAS, while the others do not “hardcode” O-Level results when evaluating polytechnic applicants. Instead they consider factors such as polytechnic GPA, aptitude tests and interview performance.

But don’t count your lucky stars just yet. Both unis will still have subject-specific pre-requisites, and while they no longer need O-Level grades be considered, it’s not applicable to all courses.

This means that these universities will base their selections on polytechnic GPAs, which according to Second Minister for Education Indranee Rajah, provides a “better and more current reflection” of the knowledge and skills students have gained during their polytechnic education.

Many people have applauded this move, but as one Facebook commenter said: “Singapore MOE finally realized that O-level is not everything… But its a bit too late isn’t it?”

For those who already are at university, or have just graduated, it may seem unfair, but at least now late bloomers will finally have a chance to shine.

Finally, it seems that Singapore’s education system is recognising that students mature at different stages in life. Starting the with the removal of PSLE earlier this year, it also seems that the education system is finally trying to recognise that good students are not all about grades.