Protein ice cream is here for fitness bros and the elderly |

by Lindsay Wong

You’ve heard of protein shakes, so why not protein ice cream? Singapore’s first protein ice cream brand, WOAH! is touted as a healthy alternative to desserts.

In addition to being the first protein ice cream, it is also low in fat, carbs, calories and sugar (stevia is used instead). There is a high content of L-Leucine, a key ingredient that helps to build muscle mass and triggers protein synthesis, which is unique to WOAH. A healthy lifestyle is becoming more coveted by Singaporeans, so WOAH targets health-conscious people (possibly gym bros who want more protein for muscle mass) and the ageing population.

Ice cream already contains milk, which has protein, so why add more protein? Edward Foo, the founder, was inspired to develop this ice cream brand by his mother who was diagnosed with leukemia a few years ago. Her doctors wanted her to eat several helpings of chicken breast everyday to fulfill her protein intake. Since it was difficult to digest and swallow, Edward wanted to make another alternative source of protein – in the form of delicious and creamy ice cream that complements a meal without being too filling. After altering the ice cream by adding high levels of protein and allowing his mother and other patients in the hospital to give it a taste, the positive feedback encouraged him to develop his ice cream into a proper brand.

There are six flavours in total: chocolate, salted caramel, strawberry, vanilla, peanut butter, and cookies and cream. Although the ice cream has low sugar content, it still tastes very sweet. The texture of the ice cream is smooth and creamy, and tastes even better with healthy toppings such as dried fruit and nuts. Each respective flavour definitely stands out, with chocolate being the sweetest, and the salted caramel being the smoothest. 

Chocolate and salted caramel are already available for purchase ($24 per pint) at Nutrition Depot and also at select NTUC outlets, as well as online.