Recommended Playlists featuring Local Artists for Your Study Sessions or Daily Commute |

Study playlist
Photo by Zarak Khan on Unsplash

Studying is never easy, but local label Where Are The Fruits aims to put some cheer into study sessions with their flagship label playlists. Launched just weeks ago, these playlists were specifically curated to perk up your days while introducing new music with a local twist. 

The first playlist, Cafe Pop – Harvest Moon, features chill and laid back songs reminiscent of cafe hopping and art jamming afternoons. Filled with the likes of well-loved local artists such as lewloh, joie tan, Jean Seizure, Vivien Yap, and more, the playlist also features a handful of popular songs on the international rosters – like Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, HONNE, Ariana Grande, and more – that will be familiar to many. 

lewloh’s song “Serendipity”, for instance, is a soothing, atmospheric tune about cherishing the small moments. A cross between Novo Amor and Adam Melchor, the song is just one of many acoustic gems the playlist contains. From the latest release from evanturetime dedicated to his wife, “together pt. 1”, to Sezairi’s tiktok-viral Fool, these songs can keep you company during intense study sessions, or simply being a source of comfort when you need some alone time. The 9-hour playlist comprises 155 songs, making it also ideal for those all-night study sessions.

Daily Bops & Pickup Limes, the second playlist on Spotify, features energetic and zesty songs that are sure to lift your spirits. Songs by longtime local favorites M1LDL1FE, Astronauts, DEON, shye and more are included in the playlist, such as “In Your Arms” by M1LDL1FE or “Melancholic Weekend” by DEON. 

These artists accompany tunes by industry newcomers like Umar Sirhan and Charlene Su, whose music features slick RnB grooves and catchy hooks. With an emphasis on indie and alternative, our local artists sit comfortably alongside international and Southeast Asian indie pop hits, featuring artists like Carly Rae Jepsen, Lizzo, Ed Sheeren, and YAØ. A refreshing compilation of songs with jangly guitars and dynamic choruses will uplift your mood, keeping your energy high as you go about your commute or daily routines. 

Where Are The Fruits’ aim is to help their musicians and artists reap the fruits of their labour, alongside their sister label Spikyfruits. With a wide roster of artists creating everything from indie rock to acoustic pop, there’s something for every music lover. The label is constantly updating their playlists and new music, which you can find on their Spotify profile Where Are The Fruits; you can also follow them on their social media platforms @fruitswhere.