[Review] Boyce Avenue concert 2018

Hype Records

YouTube success story Boyce Avenue performed in Singapore for the third time last
Thursday (7 June) at The Star Theatre. In 2015, they held a concert at The Coliseum at Hard Rock Hotel and in 2013, had performed at the Music Matters festival. Starting out with just over 100,000 YouTube subscribers in 2008, their YouTube channel today has more than 11 million subscribers as well as over 3 billion views. The band is made up of the Manzano brothers with Alejandro as the lead vocals and guitar, Fabian on guitar and Daniel on bass and percussion.

Renowned for their soulful acoustic covers with hits such as ‘Photograph’ and ‘A Thousand
Years’ garnering 128 million and 92 million views respectively, the trio began writing and
producing original singles in 2007.

Boyce Avenue opened the night with an original ‘Hear Me Now’ from the album ‘All We Have Left’, making for a hearty entrance. Mixing it up between pop covers and their originals, they performed crowd favorites such as ‘Wonderwall’, ‘Fast Car’, ‘Yellow’, ‘Your Biggest Fan’ and ‘Find Me’ – the very first song they wrote 15 years ago. The band also amped up the night by playing quick-paced pop rocking songs such as ‘Torn’, ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Teenage Dream’ back to back.

Hype Records

Coming back onstage after concert goers cheered for an encore, the trio performed Ed
Sheeran’s hit single ‘Perfect’ before closing with the Goo Goo Doll’s ‘Iris’. The night ended
on a high as fans whipped out their phones with flashlights on to wave along.

The band’s nostalgic acoustic renditions made for a heart-stirring evening. Having listened
to them since songs dating back to ‘Every Breath’ and covers such as U2’s ‘With or Without
You’, it was amazing watching them from on screen to on stage.

by Violet Koh