[REVIEW] I Want to Eat Your Pancreas | Campus

Although it has a very strange but unique title, the phrase ‘I Want to Eat Your Pancreas’ will have so much more meaning than what you would originally expect. It is a heartfelt story about Sakura and Haruki, who are brought together by fate.

The two characters are high school students who are polar opposites. While Sakura is a free-spirited girl who loves to enjoy the opportunities that life throws at her, Haruki is an anti-social and introverted boy who prefers to spend his time alone. He passes the time at the library by reading books because he prefers the fictional world to reality. However, when they meet and start to form a bond, they find out that they have much more in common than what they thought.

The pair’s story begins when Haruki picks up Sakura’s diary at a hospital one day. He discovers that she has a pancreatic disease that will eventually end her life. Being the only person who knows her secret apart from her family, he promises not to reveal it to anyone. Even though he knows about her sickness, he still treats her normally, which she greatly appreciates.

Sakura starts to take an interest in Haruki, and they begin spending time together. For a young teenage girl with a terminal illness, Sakura lives life to the fullest. She is headstrong and determined as she makes her own decisions and follows through with them. However, a shocking plot twist occurs, which will leave the audience in tears.

Fate and life were two prominent themes of ‘I Want to Eat Your Pancreas’. Throughout the movie, the main characters kept highlighting that every decision you make has a purpose, and nothing is a coincidence. Fate is an important factor that enables what happens in life.

Sakura taught Haruki about what life is really about – interacting with other people. By forming relationships, you will find more purpose in life. As a loner, Haruki never realised this, but he soon applies this principle to his own life after meeting Sakura. It’s hard not to be inspired by Sakura’s valuable life lessons after watching this movie.

‘I Want to Eat Your Pancreas’ has the perfect balance of bittersweet and heartbreaking moments. The progression of their relationship is incredibly heart-warming to witness, starting off as strangers and becoming special to one another. Together, they overcome many incidents that only bring them closer together.

Although Sakura appears to always be in high spirits, she actually hides behind a façade as she slowly succumbs to her sickness. Nevertheless, Haruki continues to be inspired by her. His character development from an introvert to someone who embraces life and willingly forms friendships is beautifully orchestrated.

Even though the movie has a sad ending, you’ll feel touched by Haruki and Sakura’s relationship as they truly did bring out the best in each other.

by Lindsay Wong