[Review] Lomography’s ‘Simple Use’ Film Camera

I like that the camera was able to capture the vibrant colours of Katong.

Disposable cameras aren’t really a thing of the past yet. But their use is definitely on a decline. With digital camera being the fad and smartphones bringing high megapixels of camera quality to your pockets, the charm of disposable cameras is almost invisible. If you agreed with the above statement, you’re in for a surprise.

Enter Lomography’s ‘Simple Use’ Film Camera. This is a disposable camera that looks so hipster, you would not want to dispose it. It comes in three models, a Colour Negative version, a Black and White version, and a LomoChrome Purple version. All these three have the exact same specifications:

  1. 35mm film
  2. 31mm lens
  3. 1/120flash shutter
  4. 400 iso

The Colour Negative and LomoChrome Purple versions come with three flash filter colours that make the images a ton more fun. These filters can be mixed and matched to bring 6 hues to your pictures and unleash your creative self. The cameras are preloaded with two AA batteries and a film roll (36 shots).

I used the Colour Negative version for 10 days. From the moment I laid eyes on the box, I was sold on this. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

I began clicking almost immediately. Like most point and shoot cameras, this one too, is really easy to use. I began shooting around my school campus. People were very surprised to see me using a film camera in 2017! Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the experience, except that the pictures I clicked with the flash didn’t really process that well. I’m not sure if that’s because I didn’t charge the flash enough.

To use the flash, you are required to press the small black button in the front, till a red light flashes on the top. Now, you are ready to click in the dark, or on cloudy days.

I also mostly shot landscapes and architecture, and not people. I felt that the camera produced better results when shooting outdoors during the day.

The entire experience transported me to middle school days when we would take disposable cameras on school trips.

(I got the film developed at Foto Express at Bedok Mall. They take about 7-10 working days to process.)

Below are some of my favourite images:

I clicked during sunset, in my hostel corridor. The camera beautifully captures the shadows and highlights naturally.
I like that the camera was able to capture the vibrant colours of Katong.
I clicked this one in a moving bus. Pretty happy with the clarity.
I clicked this one at City Hall with the magenta flash filter. You can see the hues on the water fountain.
Because there was a lack of focused subject, the flash seems ineffective but the image is still moody.
This was the first picture I clicked – the camera works best in daylight.

Review by Dishi Gautam