[Review] Naomi Smalls & Kim Chi, and Guest Lady Bunny

No diva in Hollywood’s history can compare the amount of glamour, sass and glitz. It was indeed a night of incorrigible, feet stamping, raucous laughter with the world’s most hilarious and much loved drag BFF duo Naomi Smalls and Kim Chi, with guest Lady Bunny, bringing a smashing evening of dance, comedy and lip syncing.

Naomi Smalls never fails to seduce the crowd with her sexy dance moves and outrageous outfits, not to forget her renowned model-like killer legs, making every female in the audience ooze with both jealousy and lust (shame on us ladies!). It was a feast for the eyes as she got the crowd fixated on both her outfits and humour (yes, you can do comedy Naomi baby)! Call it sheer talent!

On the other hand, Kim Chi the sweetheart never fails to tug on our “heart” strings with an emotional, heartfelt (literally) rendition of her run away show, ending off with her cut-throat millennial jokes on cultural stereotypes – she never fails to elicit laughter from the audience. Hey! Size does not matter, beauty is skin-deep!

Perhaps, it is not all about the dance moves, (boy, can Lady Bunny rock those moves even though the audience was perhaps more focused on her over-the-top platinum blonde hair-do and shiny silky legs), the hilarious re-vamped songs and uncensored jokes were the highlights of the show. Lady Bunny never fails to deliver yet another stunningly classy performance.

From live dance competitions to live runway shows, the interactive engagement with the crowd has definitely reeled the audience in and left them wanting more! It was more than a night of light-hearted laughter, but an ab-aching one as the audience simply could not get enough of them!

Best known as the two of the Top 3 finalists from Season 8 of the widely popular drag queen competition show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, both queens have indeed left an unforgettable whirlpool of madness that evening.

Reviewed by Chong Yin Min