[Review] SUDIO Vasa BLÅ & Vasa Tre Bluetooth Earphones

Swedish earphone brand SUDIO may not be mainstream, but their understated design seamlessly marries studio sound quality with wireless technology. The thing that stands out about SUDIO is that it manufactures all their earphones in-house in small batches, so each product comes with a serial-numbered ‘guarantee certificate’.

They’ve also got a range of designs, including in-ear and over-ear models, all compatible with both iPhone and Android. This time, we’ll be reviewing 2 their models:


Vasa BLÅ – an in-ear bud model with a choice of 4 colours (rose gold & black or white, blue, and pink)

Vasa Tre – an in-ear model with wing-tip securing system with a choice of 4 colours (black, blue, pink and white)

In the boxes for both models, you’ll get the headphones themselves, a little leather pouch, a charging cable, a total of four different-sized ear tips (for the BLÅ; a spare pair for the Tre) , and a clip (so you can attach the headphones to your clothes or bag).

Vasa BLÅ

The design of the BLÅ is pretty sleek and simple, with in-ear buds attached to each other via a tangle-free flat cord. The design makes it convenient during commutes – it’s wireless, so there’s no worries about snagging on something. And you can simply hang it on your neck when you’re done. Your music is controllable via the 3-button remote which lies just below the right bud.

The length of the cord may seem either too long or too short for some, and the fit of the bud needs to be tested – there are various bud sizes provided – before going for more vigorous walks (like chasing a bus) as it can feel like it wants to come out.

In terms of sound, the 10.2mm dynamic drivers produce a clean sound that has plenty of detail. You can definitely feel the bass, but the treble is also clear. In a quiet environment, the sound is beautiful – but even though it’s an in-ear model, it doesn’t quite cancel out ambient noise. Hence during noisy commutes, sound quality may degrade a bit due to interruptions (although having the volume loud enough helps negate that effect).

This wireless earphone charges in 10 minutes, and gives 8 hours of continuous play (10 days on standby). The battery pack is located under the left bud, and charges via a micro USB there.

Since it’s Swedish, and they’re handmade in small batches, you’d expect steep prices – but BLÅ is reasonably priced at S$165. Here’s the funny thing: shipping it to Singapore will get you a 20% tax rebate, making it S$132.

Vasa Tre

SUDIO’s latest release, the Vasa Tre, is designed for active – aka those who run – users, since their design features a wing-tip that secures the bud in place. Putting the buds on for the first time may feel weird, but once they’re fitted, you won’t notice the extra bits. The buds really stay firmly in your ear no matter how hard you run – and the best part is that they’re water- and sweat-resistant. Like the BLÅ, its remote is also under the right bud – the round buttons are a tad bit harder to discern since they’re flat, unlike the raised pads of the BLÅ, but they feel more sophisticated.

Sound-wise, the bigger 15.2mm driver delivers decent sound – it’s not designed to fit into the ear, so the bass sounds a bit flatter than the BLÅ. Since it’s built for activewear, it’s not meant to be noise-cancelling so it’s ideal (read: safe) for those who love jogs in the city. Despite the fact that you can hear your surroundings, the headphone delivers a discernable bass and clear sound once you have the volume high enough.

The Tre also has good mic clarity, and facilitates Siri voice control.

It charges in 10 minutes, and the Tre gives 9 hours of continuous play (10 days on standby). Unlike the BLÅ, the Tre’s charging port is in the remote controller.

Considering the unique design and the fact that it’s water-resistant, the Tre is reasonably priced at S$179. Again, shipping it to Singapore will get you a 20% tax rebate, making it S$143.20.

How to order

Check SUDIO’s Singapore site for more details. If you need an additional 15% discount, use the coupon code: campus15

Shipping is free via DHL, and you will receive your headphones within 3-4 business days. What’s more, all purchases come with a SUDIO summer tote bag (while stocks last).