[REVIEW] Take Point | Campus

‘Take Point’ is an action-packed Korean-American thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. More than just your average action movie with blazing guns and secret bunkers, the movie also touches on personal issues like family and camaraderie. ‘Take Point’ is about a team of “illegal aliens” carrying out a secret mission for the CIA, tasked with capturing the Supreme Leader of North Korea, known as “King”. “Illegal aliens” refer to people who work illegally in other countries to make money for their families back home.

Many will recognise notable actor Ha Jung-woo since he is the star of the hugely popular Korean film franchise ‘Along with the Gods’. In ‘Take Point’, he continues to impress. Playing the role of the mission leader, he spends most of the time speaking English, further showcasing his abilities to adapt to different roles. Jung-woo takes on this authoritative role well, especially since he has a screen presence that’s believable as the kind of hero who prioritises saving others instead of themselves without being cheesy about it.

‘Take Point’ takes place in the future, specifically in the first half of the 2020s, so expect lots of high-tech gear. The movie also touches on current affairs that are relevant to today’s global issues, such as North and South Korean relations.

The action and suspense – accentuated by the appropriate soundtrack – starts from the get go. Right when you think that everything is okay, something will go wrong, so you’ll have to watch the entire mission until the end to see the final outcome. The movie succeeds in grabbing your attention right until the last moment of the last scene.

The movie has a diverse cast, which makes the camaraderie between the team even more heart-warming as all of the characters carry equal authority. Much of the movie focuses on their teamwork and cooperation.

‘Take Point’ cleverly weaves in a fair share of emotional and sentimental moments with its thrilling action sequences. The end goal for these “illegal aliens” in this mission is to survive and go home to their families, the importance of which is highlighted throughout the movie. The ending is bittersweet albeit sad, but it will nevertheless leave the audience satisfied.

by Lindsay Wong