School closures, eating out, and outdoor exercises: latest Covid-19 measures |

Students in all schools and institutes of higher learning – that’s all JCs, Polys and Unis – will shift to full home-based learning from next Wednesday (April 8). The measures will last at least until May 4.

In addition to the closures, schools will also do away with mid-year exams, but national exams like ‘A’ Levels will continue as they are are considered essential. These can be decentralised and taken with safe distancing measures; of course, the situation will continue to be monitored and the exams can still be adjusted if needed.

New polytechnic and ITE students will still go to campus for registration purposes when a new semester reopens in the next one or two weeks. They will go to their campuses in “small batches” and the schools will prepare them for online-learning.

Universities will conduct all lessons online, and exams will be converted into take-home assignments.

No more dining out; takeaway or delivery only

From Tuesday (April 7), people can no longer dine in at food and beverage outlets, including hawker centres and coffee shops, but they can still buy takeaways or have them delivered. For now, the new rule will apply until May 4 and may extend.

Those who opt for takeaway are advised to bring their own containers to help restaurants cope with demand.

When exercising outdoors

Sports and recreation facilities, such as public swimming pools, country clubs, gyms and fitness studios will be closed from April 7 to May 4.

While public parks and open-air stadiums will remain open, the public should practise safe distancing even in open spaces and those who do exercise should do so around their immediate neighbourhood in uncrowded places.