Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention 2016

The annual Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) rolls around again this September, bringing you even more of your beloved pop culture by bringing together some of the biggest names in comic books, cosplay and toy collectibles for a visual extravaganza at Marina Bay Sands on 10-11 September. Here are some star guests to look out for this year.


Nick Spencer

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A New York Times bestselling comic book writer, and Eisner Award nominee, Nick Spencer has done work for Image, Marvel and DC Comics. His creator-owned series Morning Glories with Joe Eisma and The Fix with Steve Lieber have garnered both critical praise and sterling sales. An employee at Marvel, he currently writes for The Astonishing Ant­-Man, Sam Wilson: Captain America and Steve Rogers: Captain America. His recent plot in Steve Rogers: Captain America, broke the internet when he revealed the beloved hero’s secret identity as a double agent, raising a ruckus in the international fandom and spawning a torrent of social media memes.

Stephanie Hans

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Her arrival was highly anticipated even before it was officially announced. With a delicate and enigmatic art style that has endeared her to a legion of fans, the French illustrator works as a cover and interior artist for Marvel, lending her unique touch to the covers of Storm, Journey into Mystery, Angela, Thor, Black Widow, Guardians of the Galaxy, and many others.

Haruhiko Mikimoto

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One of the most highly respected Japanese manga artists and illustrators, Haruhiko Mikimoto is also one of the best character designers of his generation, the creator of iconic characters in titles like The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross 7, Gunbusters, Mobile Suit Gundam 0800: War in the Pocket and the new hit anime – Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.


First launched in 2015, the STGCC Championships of Cosplay are back, with a chance for cosplayers to travel to the Chicago Comic Entertainment Expo 2017 and compete against other top cosplayers at the Global Championships of Cosplay. Come dressed as your favourite character and send your application online at the STGCC 2016 website before 26 August 2016. Impress the judges and you might walk away with a cash prize of SGD1,000!

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Among the judges of the Championships will be two of the most popular cosplayers from around the world: Pugoffka, the skilled Ukrainian cosplay photographer who amassed over 700 photo shoots in less than 7 years, and the popular Taiwanese cosplayer King, who brings to life male characters from the Boy’s Love series and villains from the Shōnen series using more than 16 years of cosplay experience.

AKIBA POP STAGE performances

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The inaugural event treats fans to a taste of Akihabara’s pop culture, with performances by indie idol units GuildStars from Akiba Guild, Road of Alice, Rie Yunohara and Rio Hiiragi; and a special live performance by composer Masayoshi Minoshima and doujin music singer nomico.


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Teams will clash in cyberspace for the coveted Mountain Dew Cup 2016, at STGCC’s first PC Gaming tournament. The top 2 teams will walk away with a total prize pool of $2500 cash along with exciting rewards from Razer, Secret Lab and many more. A total prize amounting to more than $7500 awaits, so assemble your team and visit the STGCC website for full tournament and registration details.


Sticky Monster Lab (SML)

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This Seoul-based creative studio established its ‘monster-centric’ direction following the wild success of their short film Monsters. In collaboration with Designer Toy Awards 2015 winner, Mighty Jaxx, SML has created the limited XXRAY family versions of their trademark characters: Yellowmon, Redmon and Bigmon which will be on display at STGCC 2016.

Shoko Nakazawa (aka Koraters)

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In the world of sofubi (soft vinyl toys), her name recalls a trademark curvy design, famously captured in her adorable Byron figurines that sell out at every Asian exhibition. Coming for the first time to Singapore at the invitation of homegrown toy company Flabslab and STGCC, the Japanese designer’s works will bring a touch of kaiju cuteness to the convention.

Date: 10-11 September 2016
Tickets: SGD19 for a one­-day pass, SGD28 for a two-­day pass

Multi-coloured hairdos, comic legends from the East and West, and adorable vinyl monsters means hours of pop culture heaven. Just be prepared for the crowds, and remember your swim lessons as you dive into the world of pop fantasy.

Singapore has finally found its sweet tooth for all things anime.

By Vincent Tan