South Korea’s Ingenius Road-Cleaning Feature Sparks Funny Comparisons with Southeast Asia |

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As a modern and highly-developed nation, South Korea has some amazing infrastructure. A recent Facebook post on Architecture & Design featured South Korea’s hydraulic road-watering system that cleans streets using collected rain water.

While the feature was meant to showcase a unique design, netizens from mainly Southeast Asia reacted to the post with the real situation of their streets in their home countries. Some of the comments were hilarious.

The comments were not so much about cleaning streets with stored rain water, but more about how the rain water was “stored”. Here are some noteworthy comments that, rather than just being a hilarious take on a somewhat dire living situation, actually portray how far behind some countries in Southeast Asia are in terms of infrastructure.

When governments fail, citizens get creative

Netizens in some countries shared political satire in a “sad but true” way.

They even shared the “bright side of life” when it came to the many uses of potholes.

Some even managed to position the flooding as a classy swimming pool that people can enjoy whether they’re at a game centre, on a pedestrian bridge, and even in a field hospital.

The mermaid wins!

Singapore and others joins in on the fun

Not to be left behind or wanting to be accused of “not being third world enough”, Singaporeans have also taken to the comments by showing off our very unique situation.

Other countries also tried to get in on the “who got it worse” game:

Who takes the cake?

Thais really take the cake when it comes to showing off how bad their situation is.

If you think we have it bad (for whatever reason), just imagine what our other Southeast Asian brethrens have to put up with.