The Case of Students Urinating on Schoolmates at Ngee Ann Poly |


Videos of a bizarre incident in a shower cubicle Ngee Ann Polytechnic surfaced on social media on Monday night (Mar 22), and it didn’t take long before it went viral when ‘NPSU’ it trended on Twitter! The video portrayed male students peeing on their naked schoolmates, and the incident sparked a number of comments online – as well as investigations by the police and Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

The content of the video

The video showed two naked male students squatting in a shower cubical and facing the wall, while three pairs of fellow male students took turns to enter the cubicle to pee on them.

In the background, voices can be heard encouraging them: “Pee the hair, pee the hair,” and “Make sure you all pee.” Then another voice shouts “no showering, no showering” when one of the kneeling individuals tried to turn on the shower.

Screengrab from video

The discovery of the incident

The police were alerted to the case on Monday night, and the clip is believed to be filmed recently, as some students were seen in face masks.. However, it wasn’t quite clear when the video was posted on social media platforms. The video sparked outrage on Reddit, with some Redditors commenting “My blood boils watching this. More needs to be done for bullying,” and calling the polytechnic to “demolish this toxic club where immature kids gather to do dumb things for stupid clout.”

The students were allegedly from the NP Students’ Union (NPSU), and Ngee Ann Polytechnic said the school is aware of a the video circulating on social media of its students “engaging in inappropriate behaviour” and have identified the students involved. According to the school, none are freshmen and the incident didn’t take place during a freshmen orientation programme.

NP also said that it will act against students found to be in breach of their student code of conduct, and has reached out to the students involved to extend counselling support.

Student says it was consensual

Shortly after the video went viral, one of the students who was supposedly peed on posted an Instagram Story to set say that the activity that was filmed was consensual. He also said that his friends were “getting blasted” online and that people online have spun it out as a “bully story” even though the boys “just did something consensual.”

He dismissed accusations that he was being bullied, and wrote: “Nah bro, I was cool with it, just mindless fun to me! To be honest, like y’all just got to chill mans!”

Under Singapore law, if the victims didn’t consent to being urinated on, the parties who urinated on them may be investigated for using criminal force, and may face probation or reformative training if they’re under 21.

Stop spreading the video

He also appealed to the public to stop sharing the videos, and said he wanted to “clear things up” and would answer queries via direct message. However, his social media account has since been made private or removed. According to reports, other students in the clip are said to have also deactivated their social media accounts after netizens identified them.

Response from students

After this incident went viral, some students from NP shared their discomfort with camp activities carried out on various occasions, and some came out to condemn the acts of the Student Union.